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Father Brian's Biography Continued.

Father Brian continued his seminary education at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, earning a Master of Divinity degree, in 2003.  In that same year on March 30, he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest for the Diocese of Saginaw in Michigan.  He is proud of his seminary education, including the many ministerial practicums in the inner cities of Detroit and Chicago, witnessing the face of Jesus in the poor and neglected.  It was during his graduate studies that he would spend a month studying scripture in the Holy Land, residing in Bethany, just a few yards from Lazarus’ tomb.

After three years in the Roman priesthood and with much prayer and discernment, Father Brian decided to leave the Roman Church.  He headed west to Las Vegas, where he met his wife Allison, and became a dad to her three daughters.

After earning a Master Degree in Education, he taught in the Clark County School District and ministered as a hospice chaplain.  However, he continued to struggle with the question, “how to be Catholic, but yet, not Roman Catholic?” The answer came to him in 2010, when the Lord lead him to Saint Thomas Catholic Church in Las Vegas, an independent Catholic church-ministry member of  the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA (ECC+USA).  He immediately felt at home; joyful he can continue to be a Catholic priest; celebrating the Eucharist and other sacraments; and fulfilling his vocation as a priest, husband, and father.

After being received as a clergy member of the the ECC+USA, Father Brian became Associate Pastor of Saint Thomas Catholic Church, and since 2015, has been Pastor of Saint Thomas and Chancellor of the Ecumenical Diocese of the Good Shepherd.

Father Brian is a happy priest.  He loves the people of Saint Thomas, stating, “the people of the church continue to show me how to be a good priest, giving me the honor of inviting me into their lives.”

Saint Thomas Church continues to grow under the leadership of Father Brian.  Many of his parishioners are former Roman Catholics who have been denied the sacraments at a Roman Catholic Church, often because of divorce and remarriage.  At Saint Thomas, no one is ever refused the Holy Eucharist or the other sacraments of the Catholic Faith Tradition.  Being a former Roman Catholic priest, Father Brian’s heart goes out to the many disenfranchised Roman Catholics, and wants them to know that it is possible to continue practicing the authenticity of the Catholic faith at St. Thomas Catholic Church. Christians of all faiths looking for a new Church home are always welcome to visit St. Thomas.

Father Brian enjoys baseball.  He collects memorabilia from his two favorite teams, the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox.  He enjoys carpentry.  He credits his vocation to his parents, James and Mary, as well as his sister and brother.  He gives thanks to God for his wife and children who continue to support him in his ministry.