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Parish Administration


Bishop Brian P. Spencer, M. Div.


Bishop Brian Spencer, was born and raised in the small town of Marysville, Michigan.  After graduating from Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School in Marine City, Michigan, he entered Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Literature.     [more -->

Deacon Imani Boyd
Associate Pastor

Hello from Deacon Imani Boyd!

I was born and raised in New York City. I grew up in a household of ten brothers and sisters. Although there were ten siblings, five of them were

married with children of their own. But rest assured, it was indeed a very

busy household.

I relocated to California where I worked for the City of San Diego Water

Department as a Dispatcher. I was responsible for dispatching calls for the

City’s Municipal Agencies.

I left California and relocated to Nevada where I became the Senior

Technical Support Specialist for the Las Vegas Valley Water District for 20

years until my retirement.

While settling into my career, I realized it was time to renew my spiritual

path. I joined St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church working first as a

Server in the church and then as an Acolyte. After attending for a while, I

decided I wanted to study to become a Deacon.

In 2005, I was enrolled in the Villate Seminary where I completed my

studies and was ordained Deacon in 2010. In addition to preaching the

Gospel, I also perform baptisms, weddings, and memorials.

Since my ordination, I have assumed the roles of Associate Pastor and

Chancellor. I also had the pleasure of creating our Women’s Ministry group

that meets monthly to uplift and empower women.

I thank God for blessing me by showing me the path to St Thomas and I

thank God for blessing me to be His server.


Marie Kirker
Parish Coordinator/Council Member

Phone: 702-655-5840

Email: info@staircc.org

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Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an institution that brings together lay people and religious who, together with their pastors, work jointly to build the parish as a living Christian community.

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